Lisbon: Evening Intimate Live Fado Music Show with Port wine

USD 19



Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of traditional Portuguese music at an exclusive Fado performance in the heart of Lisbon. This authentic experience brings you up close and personal with local talents, as they weave a sonic tapestry of emotions accompanied by the soulful strumming of Portuguese and classical guitars.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Lisbon with an unforgettable evening of Fado, a soul-stirring experience that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Portugal. Our intimate live Fado performance offers a unique chance to delve into the heart of this timeless tradition. In a warm, atmospheric setting, local artists will mesmerize you with haunting Fado melodies that evoke the joys and sorrows of Portugal's history and people. Against the backdrop of Portuguese and classic guitars, our talented singers will transport you to a world where every note resonates with the nation's emotional depth. To enrich your appreciation for Fado and its cultural significance, we've carefully curated short video introductions in English with Portuguese subtitles, interspersed between live performances. These insightful snippets provide a window into the soul of Fado, Lisbon's captivating allure, the city's storied past, the distinctive Portuguese guitar, and the fascinating stories of our artists. Join us for an enchanting evening where the power of Fado brings you closer to Lisbon's rich traditions and history. Our live show promises a captivating blend of music, genuine emotions, and a deeper understanding of Portugal's cultural tapestry. In the heart of Downtown Lisbon, discover the authentic spirit of Portugal through the unforgettable voices of our incredible Fado singers. Enjoy an intimate, microphone-free Fado performance in an exclusive setting with a small audience. Our talented lineup features two Fado singers, a classic guitarist, and a Portuguese guitarist, performing a carefully curated selection of treasured songs. As you savor the performance, unwind with a complimentary glass of port wine, included with your admission ticket.